Some Things We Will Never Know The Answer To

There are some questions out there that we will never know the answer to.

This should sound obvious, but the questions that may come to mind are how humans deal with themselves, how we tend to use each other for selfish purposes. Surely I’m touching a lot on personality types, but that is something we like to read about and feel like the answers are accurate because we want them to be. They are about us. Yes, You and I.

1.  Men Versus Women

Why do we allow men do/say whatever they want, but brow-beat it when a woman does the same thing? Why is it ‘a normal thing’ for men to cheat and then the society frowns at a cheating woman?

Why are women considered ‘strong’ when they constantly forgive and stick with a man that cheats/lies/or physically abuse them but considered a SHAME and a SIGN OF WEAKNESS when a man forgives and takes back his cheating/lying wife??? Why?????  Why is the man considered a ‘tough-guy’ when he has a sex body count higher than 10, but it’s a shameful thing for a woman to have more than 3?????





2. Judging people based on what you think they have
Why do we judge people based on their outward appearances? Why do we assume they are rich or poor based on the design an/or price tag on their clothes or the type of phone they are carrying? Why do we assume girls that wear Brazilian and lace bundles are slay queens and the girls with Afros and natural hairstyles are the ‘good girls’?

Why do we assume iPhone users are wealthier than Android users?????Why?






3. Taking advantage of others

Why do we find it easy to use people? Why is it now considered ‘normal’ to take advantage of others just to achieve a certain goal? Why is it easier to flock around people that are seemingly ‘making it’ in life and abandon those that are hustling/struggling? Why is it normal for them to stroll back into your life when you become rich/famous and begin to claim “I know her very well, she was my neighbor” or “she was my friend in secondary school”…





4.  Avoid See Finish

Overtime you’d realize the best person you have to do it and sacrifice all for is ‘YOU’. Pleasing people would only leave you damaged because the want/need of every man is insatiable, they can never get enough of you until you totally become irrelevant. And please ladies/guys, DO NOT EVER GET TO THAT STAGE!!! Agreed, no one is indispensable, but biko, avoid SEE FINISH


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