Nightlife in Lagos – How I Joined the Geng

The journey into the nightlife in Lagos began for me as a frustrated bank worker, then I evolved into a rejuvenated spirit who goes into work smiling every morning after a very fun night and well rested body.

The city of Lagos, after a long-ass day at work following numerous instructions and carrying out tasks, you end up stressed and worn-out. How do you unwind?

Living on the Mainland and working on the Island is a popular routine in Lagos and this requires waking up as early as 5am everyday just because I have to get to work before 7am, being a banker. At the end of the business day, I don’t leave the work premises until about 9 pm, just so the heavy traffic on the 3rd Mainland Bridge is eased before I step out. For close to 2 years, I was frustrated and stressed, until one day I was invited out for drinks somewhere around Ikoyi, I left work earlier than ever to join friends for the night out.

Have you experienced nightlife in Lagos? Damn It! You should.

It was a beautiful and memorable experience; I can’t forget how I felt the first time, myself and my friends relaxed, drank, reminisced and played so fun card games, at the end of the stretch of a day I was so relieved of work stress.

Nightlife in Lagos is so interesting and it is actually the time you are likely to rub shoulders with the high and mighty men of Lagos including top echelon of political strata, they hold meetings and have fun simultaneously. In Lagos, networking is done mostly at night time as this is the time all formalities are dropped and everyone is accessible.

Lagos nightlife is a major case study and should be further explored as it is almost as productive as the official business hours due to what goes down at the period, not to mention the cruise while driving at night in Lagos with beautiful lightening on both sides of the roads, there is an overwhelming satisfaction that comes with the ambiance as you journey home.

My name is Debrah and I will be discussing hot-spots in Lagos, where you can visit at night and have fun as well as meet people, you should subscribe.


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