My Lagos Weekend Runaway

I’ve heard of ‘Weekend getaways’ but mine turned out to be a ‘weekend runaway’.

Spending the entire months of lock-down at home and staying on your best behavior is rather sanity-threatening and IT IS NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE!!! Yea, I said it. At least two good news to share. Mercy got a new crib and Pearl got a new car! (Yes, God when?)

That  been said, I must confess that Friday, Saturday, Sunday(And counting…) away from home has been really helpful and liberating. I figured I wasn’t depressed, I was simply bored to tears. Forty-eight hours gone, I’ve learnt how to twerk(My friend has a real big ass; IFKYK), I’ve successfully gotten drunk twice, stayed out late once, overfed myself ten times, hung out with boys once, gossiped over a hundred times….. Trust me, there’s more to come.

How I came to the house versus how I’m leaving it! Here I am, hiding away with my girls. Mercy cooks and runs a kitchen business (Mind you, not virtual).  Time with these girls had me throwing weight-loss cautions to the wind! I ate Semo and Vegetable soup! Now I know why they said “The road to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” Luck is on her side, I’m not gay.

We’ve gone cake shopping, bread shopping, cloth shopping, beverage shopping, shrimp shopping, and more more shopping to come. Life in Lagos is tough, so you gotta attack the lifestyle with loads of toughness too.

We’ve gossiped about boys, made a list of which boyfriend is worth it and which is simply a scum. We’ve made fun of ‘broke boys’ and the numerous ‘when will I see you’ niggas in our dm. Yea that’s the new aura you wear when you depend solely on your own money as a lady! In all, it’s been a weekend well spent, the good times is still ongoing.

Now the hunt is for intriguing men, not boys, MEN. Men with lovely beards and sexy colognes, with big “bags”, and adorable sleek cars(the thirst of every lagos girl). You know, the type that drives by or walks past and automatically arouses your inner chakra, height 6ft5 and counting…. I’ll be blessed

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The way you write… Is nothing short of tempting. 😻

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