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LagosWeddings – It may be easier to start a romantic relationship when you are bonded in a common background, but solidifying it still requires compatibility and effort – the union of Ebunoluwa Fatogun and Olusola Alonge is such an example of a perfect love story.

On the 6th of June 2020, the couple tied their nuptial knots in the presence of their close relatives and loved ones. The wedding ceremony had a minimalist-themed set up, with the wedding planner actualizing the exact picture the couple had in their minds and due to the coronavirus outbreak and lock-down directives, only a few people were present at the venue while other well-wishers watched the ceremony via live feed.

The bride shares their love-story with LagosWeddings and its such a lovely read, make sure you share your comments below:

 So, we met at the place we used to work in 2014, and we were just normal buddies. He was friendlier than I was because now when he thinks back and he says the things I said to him, I’m like ‘oh my God, I’m sorry’, so yeah he was friendlier.

I wasn’t really friendly so, we met at work and we had mutual friends, later in the year 2015, we started to talk, he started to say ‘oh, I like you’ and all that and I was like you’re probably just joking, shift abeg. I don’t think I was interested in him at that point.

He made his intentions known, although I dismissed it. And then, I left the company 2016, we kind of kept in touch, just like hi, hi or I put something on snap chat or Instagram and he comments on it.

So on my birthday, he was like ‘my long lost love’ because, you know I left the company and we didn’t really finalize whether I was going to accept the proposed relationship or not. He was still on the I still like you and somehow I never forgot him even after I left the company, somehow he was still in my head, his name comes up in my head i remembered something he did – a particular dance step he used to do and on my own, i will do the dance step after i left and this was like two years after.

In 2018, the company needed an extra hand so they gave me a contract job which I had to come back into the fold and we see again and then he’s like oh, nice seeing you again, we gisted here and there, played here and there and even in the office they use to like tease us. Our play meter was on the same level and it was really nice, I think it was a good pointer to me anyway,

One evening, I was done with work and he walks up to me and was like, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’, then i said ‘No’, i think he said something like ‘I am about to change, that’, very weird and I was just looking, like, the audacity.

One day after work, he asked whether i was ready to go home? ‘Do you want to hang out?’ Since there was traffic, I was like okay fine, I’ll hang out, maybe get some ice cream or something, so that night, very awkward, I mean, for good friends, we were like okay, what are we doing and all, we gisted a little, it was nice. The following day we hung out again and then we were hanging out almost every day like every day, we were going to have this or that. It was really really cool and yea, that was how the relationship progressed and even on weekends too.

We saw each other and we enjoyed each other’s company which was really cool and we share similarities, it was really nice.

Then in 2019, I think June or July he went on a trip and he missed my birthday, so when he got back from the trip he was like ‘where are you going, let’s hang out’. I had no idea where we were going to but I dressed up and thank God i dressed, because if you know me i’m a very simple person, I could have put on jean and top but for some reasons but i put on a gown.

So i dressed up. I was like where are we heading to, he didn’t tell me, he just said come to Ikeja GRA, then he shared his location, so I traced ( very awkward) then I realized that it’s Radisson Blu.

I just thought that it was like, a birthday dinner and all, which was nice I really liked the place, it was really nice, then after the dinner, he began to ask questions, he asked me direct marriage questions –

‘Is this what we will do when we’re married?’

I was like why are we talking about marriage out of the blue? He started saying things like ‘lets plan’ and we actually planned our wedding ceremony. How many guest we wanted etc. We just spoke about marriage, i cant really remember because with me, it was very weird because even though we knew that our relationship was serious we never really talked about it.

We just enjoyed the moment then we started to talk about my age and when we were going to his parent and officially tell them that we are going to get married. It made me really happy i was like yaaaaaay, i’m officially out of the “we’re just In a good relationship”, yea it was fun and cozy.

He knew I don’t like the whole public display, well, i like some level of public display but in terms of you know, proposing and talking about future, I don’t really like the idea of how everybody do the whole kneeling down, i just wanted something cozy and deep which he did and i really liked it and yea that’s how we got on track and we started planning the wedding talking about it and making out plans and commitment to our future.

We didn’t know COVID-19 was coming, COVID made all our plans achievable, because initially when we told our families about our plan, they were like ‘No ooo, how can you just invite 200 people?’ but now COVID made our plans work out..

Yea, we’re very simple people, so there’s nothing elaborate.

Planner – @blueconfetti_events
Videographer – @theweddingtv
Makeup & Gele – @iam_mzmo
Photography – @mide_wey
Aso-Oke – @shadiat_alasooke
Dress – @didikafo_couture
Beads & Jewelry – @motolani_beads
Rentals – @onestoprentalcompany and @naphtalieventsandrentals


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