LagosWeddings: Chiamaka weds Chijioke – The Magical Spark

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LagosWeddings – Talk about ‘Expensive and Exclusive’, even though Chiamaka and Chijioke’s wedding ceremony wasn’t much of a fanfare because of the lock down directives, however, it was a very colorful and beautifully planned event with so much finesse and no penny was spared where necessary – witnessed by just a few family members, yet adorned with exquisite montage and luxurious ambiance.

Here’s their Love Story from the Groom’s Perspective:

So our story started sometime in 2017.  I was in my office and this beautiful lady walks in with 2 other colleagues for meeting.  In my mind, all I could think about was who is this beautiful woman… she was cool and very professional in a no nonsense manner, she hardly gave me any attention beyond brief answers. Obviously this was a meeting that did not go well for me as I was soo enamored by her.

Since we work in the same office I contrived to bump into her in the hallway, the cafeteria etc… but same treatment… cool and very professional. I even went as far as paying for lunch one day she was with her friend…sadly for me it was her friend  that acknowledged and thought it was a green light….that’s the extent to which my wife doesn’t know the effect she has on men…

I was getting desperate and engaged with another female colleague to get her number… Alas! 3 months passed and I didn’t have the courage to call (guys you know that type of woman that you will see and everything in the toasting manual goes out of the window).

Long story short… I took the cowards way and added her on LinkedIn (as a professional colleague lol.. note to guys, please update thats LinkedIn picture of you when you want to add a lady you are interested in) and then took it a bit more informal by sending a follow request on Instagram which she accepted (Glory to God)….I still did not do anything beyond just stalking her, reading up everything about her.

My big break came when she posted something about Fally Ipupa …as a sharp guy.. I slid into her DM and told her I loved his music and I actually had spent 3 weeks with him in the same hotel in Congo Kinshasa (as I talk the thing, you will think he and I are besties…but I only ran into him once at the pool)…but I had a lot of gist about him due to my interaction with the locals who adore him.

Just like that my stock rose and we started talking about congolais music and music generally in Francophone Africa (in my previous job I did a lot of travel in that region…we talked for a while on the gram and then I asked for her number (which I already had for 4 months now) … she gave it to me and we started talking and then went out on our first date….it was magical and I saw a softer and more approachable side of her when she let her hair down.

I was hooked and knew I had found a life partner. I proposed to her a couple of months later at the mouth of the estuary just before the open sea off the coast of Ghana (we were on a speedboat).

I have found in her a friend, a hommie, a lover, a confidant, a partner in crime… my ride or die… Bonnie and Clyde ain’t got nothing on us….here is to munagi for ever….Obi M…Uto M…..


Bride – @aimeejeane

Planning – @2706events

Decor – @btgdecor

Wedding Dress – @aprilbykunbi

Reception Dress – @topefnr

Groom’s Outfit – @clothesbyogbng

Make up – @flawlessfacesbyjane

Hair – @adefunkeee

Hair Piece – @thebridalwardrobe

Photography – @laahweddings

Videography – @tariebi.joel.visuals

360 Video Booth – @cinematicsng

Special Effects – @ibiyemiabayomi

Location – @thefivepalm






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