Diary of a Lagos Girl: 50 Shades Sadder

Could be Sunday, could be Wednesday, I dunno, I feel like an alien already…

Dear Diary,

I feel stressed. Is it just me or there has truly been some rather overwhelming circumstances invading people’s lives lately.

Fuck CoVID-19, I really couldn’t care less anymore; It has stolen a whole 3 months from us! Do you know how much money I could have made in 3 months???? I lost my peace (Still searching for it), I nearly lost my goddamned mind! Yet, it’s not over. Is this still a pandemic or politics? Or both? Or none? Am I crazy?

I don taya

Looking on the brighter side, it brought me closer to my family, even though they stress the living sanity out of me. It brought me closer to my man (I mean, a man, or our man – Fuck it, whoever get am. You never can tell anyway). You never really know if your man is your man even after marriage, so I won’t stress the point.

Meanwhile, the weather isn’t helping. My hormones are raging. Please who has a boyfriend that they are not using again?

Anyway, like I was trying to say earlier, I’m depressed. Sad. REALLY SAD, if I might add. I miss the joy of Uber-ing my way to fancy places. I miss the bliss of eating large size pizzas and downing bottles of wine. I miss going on boat cruises to private islands in Lagos. I miss dressing up and taking slay pictures. Now all I do is wear ‘dunlop’ slippers to go and grind pepper! May I not see myself on Instablog with some lame-ass caption!

Oh lawd! What is my life!

Anyway, for now I’m stuck with eating Moi-Moi and Garri in the morning, Noodles in the afternoon, and probably Suya and another cup of Garri at night.

What else?!

Oh School! That one? Well, left to me I’ve graduated because I really dunno what to make of UNILAG delaying our online classes. This is our final year for f**ksake!

Gosh I’m done.

*Pen drops. Diary closed*



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Great article dear

When a legend writes, you know it! Don’t search too far, your “boifren” is waiting here

My boyfriend please come closer! I’m begging😂😂😂😂😂

This is pretty much everyone, it is well

Amen hunny


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith


Thanks boss

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