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Living in Lagos as a Lagos Boy is not a child’s play. Before I started living alone three years ago, I was staying at my family house with my three sisters and mother. I am spoiled rotten because I am the only son. Being an only son comes with special privileges, which you cannot imagine unless you’re an only son like me.

I am Jeremy Edokpa-Smith, and since this is my first diary entry in a series of many to come, let’s make it count.

Anybody living in Lagos must learn how to deal with the unpredictable traffic of Lagos. I wake up at 6AM. daily because I must do my daily exercise to keep fit. This is one of the most important aspects of my life I do not joke with. Although sometimes I don’t feel like exercising I have to do it for the sake of my health. I do two reps of forty push-ups and one rep of 20 every day. 

After yesterday’s work-out, my body shone with sweat and I enjoyed the sight for a brief moment in the mirror on my bathroom wall, to see the result of my exercise manifest on my ebony skin, pure joy! Yeah-yeah! I admire my well-built body when I want to be vain you do too! I wish I could show you what my body looks like after my daily work-out, but don’t worry one day I might invite you over to workout with me, perhaps you might have the privilege to see what my body looks like.

Enough of this vain talk about my body. I quickly ran into to bathroom, brushed, undressed, and showered. I wore black jeans and a navy-blue shirt for a meeting. I didn’t have breakfast before heading out for the meeting because I am not the breakfast kind of man. Maybe I will be when I get married but for now who cares about breakfast?

Fast-forward, the meeting with a client who wants me to do some graphic and web designs was successful. For your information, I enjoy graphic design, web developments (UI/UX front end) – I eat it like food, drink it like water and breathe it like air. You can call me a digital guru or internet demigod.

Also, I am a lover of gadgets and brand new tech. The internet is my other home. We are going to have a lot of fun together; so bookmark this site and use those social media follow buttons so we can be in constant touch!

And yeah, From today I see anybody reading this post as a family, and “the strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other,” – Mario Puzo, (Author, Gangster and all-round bad-ass).

I pledge to be loyal to you and not bore you with trivialities and non-essential talks.

Next week I will introduce my father to you.

Thank you for reading my first entry.

This is Diary of a Lagos Boy.


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

Son, Brother, Warrior, Sage, Techie, Truthseeker and The antibody fighting the planet's fever - The reason why God doesn't go on Vacation - Nigeria's 18th President. Jeremy Edokpa-Smith GCFR

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Another Lagos boy with his own story, can’t wait to read about your life, nice intro!


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

can’t wait to roll them out…


Babafemi Oluwatobi

Great Content

Cool one Solodox, keep it up.

Great content… Lagos life is the real world life .. Who survives here, can survive anywhere .. Thumbs up


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

Thanks dear!

Hey Brother.. This is Dammy (Victor’s friend/IML forex family) Nice write up sir… we look forward to more of this..


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

right on brother….

Nicely put bro

Waiting to hear about your escapades… Dint leave those out


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

i see what you did there…:)

I would be glad you open a twitter account

Nice one Jeremy


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

thanks guys please use the social media handles lets be friend

Now I have a new muse😂, meanwhile kindly show us what your body looks like, lol


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

thank you very much, but you have to wait for the great reveal, just like everyone else 🙂

Great article!

Future presido.

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Hmmmm great article God is your strength sir

So encouraging, Weldon brother

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