Dear Jeff Bezos, Please Buy Nigeria.

Dear Jeff Bezos,

Should I speak on behalf of the hustling youths or simply air my thoughts? I’d air my thoughts. Would you like to adopt all of us? Many of us grew up reading about Bill Gates (Obviously now the former richest man in the world, perhaps he’d get his own letter)…. They say “Geography is destiny” what’s it like having the richest man in the world as your dad? Gotta ask your kids( I’d bet they’ve got nothing to worry about) Kids here dream “…when I grow up I’ll buy my mummy a car or a house” ;Some men would even throw thanksgiving parties in their church when they buy their first Camry at 40… this life no balance

Dear Jeff Bezos,

Please, You really need to buy Nigeria.

You added $13 billion to your net worth on Monday(How did that even happen?! I thought everyone hated Mondays). You divorced your wife and made her the 13th richest woman in the world… God Dey sha

According to Forbes, In 2019, Your company notched $280.5 billion in revenues and a record $11.5 billion in net profit.

Joking aside, we dey beg, Would you like to buy Nigeria? We really wouldn’t mind at this point; Our NDDC Chairman fainted on live Tv during his corruption probe in parliament! Isn’t that a huge joke?!

They had the effrontery to say “We used N1.32billion to take care of ourselves as CoVID -19 palliative..” make we jus negodu the issue.

Back to my letter

Dear Jeff Bezos,

How do you sleep at night with all that money? Sorry, wrong question; Do you sleep? Do you smile? What do you even eat? Is there peace of mind and satisfaction?

It is easy to advise the youths to invest in tech and real estate (Where is the money?)

All the top richest men got their capital from inheritance, major brands/companies investments, stakes and more…. What advise would you give to youths on the streets aspiring to be at least a Kanye?

Yours Admirably,

Zion Rufus


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