Dairy of a Lagos Boy: Hard Guy, Hard Guy – Ahhtchooo!

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The week started-off very wet, Monday came with the rains and was wet for the most part of the day. I blazed through my morning routine because there were things I needed to do and the rains, though usually a welcome phenomenon, was a nuisance at that point.

I started dusting off the work that can be done at home while I waited for the weather to let up. I also got a call from my mom, who knows my true nature and dutifully calls to remind me to wear something thicker than a light cotton T-shirt and take an umbrella before I go out anytime it rains.

The rain did let up, and yes your favorite Lagos Boy did leave the house with just a light cotton T-shirt and I didn’t see the need for an umbrella, the rain had stopped or so I thought!

So I headed out to town and did get off to a good start on most of the errands I had planned for the day, then without warning, BOOM! The rain started again – YES, I was caught right smack in it and got thoroughly drenched. Trudging through the streets in defiance of the elements, I honestly wished I had taken my mom’s advice. I got home later that evening looking like a lost puppy and somewhat feeling worse for the beating I got from the surprise rain bath.

Tuesday came, I started showing signs of flu. It was a wet day and I decided to lighten my workload – take it easy and stay indoors. By Wednesday morning, the hard guy was full on feverish symptoms, I was sneezing, my head was drumming to an invincible atilogwu dance parade and my body ached everywhere. It was obvious that the Monday rain did me strong thing! I became so poorly that I had to go get medications from ‘the pharmacy that would charge you for just breathing the air in their shop’ (People that are active on Twitter understands this reference) that’s how I ended the day with a fistful of pills!

Pills, pills and more pills, the week finally dragged to an end with my mom’s daily reminder to finish my medications and all the jobs that I had hoped to deliver still either untouched or half way done. The upside is that this Lagos Boy better now, hale, hearty and ready to hit the town but I realized there’s no fun place open and we are still practicing social distancing as one of the advised preventive measures in the fight against Covid-19.

Take care of yourself guys and girls, you can be macho and still be careful.

Next week we go on a retreat.


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

Son, Brother, Warrior, Sage, Techie, Truthseeker and The antibody fighting the planet's fever - The reason why God doesn't go on Vacation - Nigeria's 18th President. Jeremy Edokpa-Smith GCFR

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Nice write up man…I love it.


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

thanks boss! big ups!

I’m glad you are okay now and ready to hit the road again
Please listen to mum’s advise next time okay!!

Nice write up💪🏽I enjoyed reading it


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

thanks for stopping by… the advice rings in my head now!

About time dear…
You know I’ve got your back any time.
Nice writeup and ofcourse typical of you not talking to advice.
My love to my people


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

Thank you! thank you!! Thank you! as always you are a pillar.


Omotayo Akinbowale

Can only be hard guy, hard girls don’t fall sick 😑


Jeremy Edokpa-Smith

if it were to be hard girl, the title would have been; small rain, aaaaaatchoooooo!


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