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The Lagos State Governor’s Residences And Offices (Pictures, Videos And Stories)

An piece about the Lagos State Governor's residences and offices.

This Episode of AY Makun’s ‘Call To Bar’ Will Make Your Day

It’s that time of the week for a new episode of AY Makun‘s comedy web series, 'Call to Bar', and on this episode, the bartender makes a great mistake that could make her fired.

Some Things We Will Never Know The Answer To

This should sound obvious, but the questions that may come to mind are how humans deal with themselves, how we tend to use each other for selfish purposes. Surely I’m touching a lot on...

4 Ways Lagos Girls Say Sorry To Men They Love

A few curves and poses settles everything. Sorry for what? Nigga you gon be sorry if you don’t get this ass ASAP! They tempt you either by posting strings of semi-nudes...These category knows how...

What You Should Know About Oshodi (Tapa)

The history of Lagos cannot be complete without making reference to the exploits of the legendary Chief Balogun Landuji Oshodi Tapa.