4 Ways Lagos Girls Say Sorry To Men They Love

On some “Sassy Boogie Nasty” shit, I’m addressing how we Lagos girls say ‘Sorry’ when we truly love our man. I’d bet y’all would really want the tea; Yea? I’ll pour it.

Every Lagos-lady is a potential petty-cry-baby – Don’t argue, we are. We only change either as a first child in the family hustling for money, ambition, or pressure, we get toughened and lose the babyish feminine attitude. According to the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, its called ‘Shakara Oloje‘.

We become reformed, but doesn’t change the fact that we still want to be catered for, spoilt, pampered, flaunted to the world, and stroked at every opportunity (if you know, you know).

1. The Bum-Bursters: A few curves and poses will settle the matter. Sorry for what? Nigga you gon’ be sorry if you don’t tap this ass ASAP! They tempt you either by posting strings of semi-nudes on their status till you get mad, or they’d be walking around your apartment half naked, but as ‘body no be firewood’ my brother you have to succumb to my government.

2. The Cry Babies: These category just go round the house with a sorry face. They text you “How are you” “Hope you are good” “I’m just checking on you” a billion times, or even buy you a new shirt. But they’d never say “Sorry”. As the man, you’d be left to read in between the lines that she is sorry.

3. The Lunatics: These are the worst ones. As sharp Lagos girls, would end up apologizing to them. These category knows how to twist situations and make the victim the culprit! E.g Guy: why did you inbox your ex? Girl: (Angry) You’ve not been paying attention to me, you only call me twice a day, you are supposed to call me every minute, you don’t love me anymore. Guy:(confused) Babe I love you. ….. He ends up apologizing .

4. The Innocent Sluts: Love comes and we get entirely weakened (Though we still maintain our strong side), we crash. Falling in love and losing our guard. Sucks right? But these category just stay imagining worst case scenarios in their head and leave you to do the math, no fight or arguments, you’d get the logic and comply.

So, which category do you belong to? Depends on the situation at the moment abi?

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I’m the lunatic category. This is so hilarious

Wozaldis Z! I’m laughing my head off


Olubunmi Elizabeth Albert-Abu

Bum-burster and Lunatic here 🤣

The “my name is babe” part 😂😂😂😂😂😂

my babe is def num 3

I’m definitely no.4🤣😂🤣😋. This made my evening, just laughing out loud. 🤣

I’m so no 4…just laughing out loud.
This made my evening.🤣😂💋

Lol niiiceeee, I might hv to start paying attentionn to the innocent ones … 👏 👏 👏

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